How We Work

Customer Interview

Our dialogue brings us to shared vision and reveals general information about your project: goals, monetization, required platforms and devices, etc. We give you a preliminary estimate based on documentation that you may provide. If you don't have it, or if you are yet uncertain about requirements and technical solutions, we consult you to clarify the picture. Afterwards we launch the project. This step should be quickly accomplished so that the assembled team could proceed to work.

Scope Analysis

Probably the most crucial step. The cost of error is at an all-time low here. Structuring, analyzing, and testing requirements, studying or creating documentation, discussing possible problems and risks with a dedicated project manager – all this takes time but saves much more eventually. We prevent mistakes and misunderstandings, which is vital for accomplishing your project successfully.

UX and Wireframing

Draw the customers' attention and direct their choice. Present your services in the most precise and stylish way to arouse the interest. Then lead the path for your brand to be recognizable and desired. Check this example of a branded application.


We work out the visual concept, style, colors, and additional visual elements – all according to your requirements. You are provided with several variants of visual representation of one or several screens. The approved one is the basis for the remaining screens. We create mockups and the team is ready to implement your product. You also receive a more precise estimate for development and testing, iteration by iteration, and approve the start.


The whole scope of work is divided into tasks and parallelized for better efficiency of iterative implementation. Each task is planned and solutions are chosen. Each iteration has its goals (e.g. a new feature) that are discussed and approved by you.

Optimization & Polishing

Your users will love your product if it's responsive, smooth and fast. That's the way we create it for you. We optimize the product all along the way and boost its performance. We polish the product to ensure a user experience that's both meaningful and delightful.


The result of each iteration is an implemented build, tested by a dedicated engineer from the QA department. It is provided to you as a demonstration of results, along with an estimate for the next iteration. You also receive reports after each milestone of the project. After the whole scope is done, we conduct the final testing of your product.

Product Launch

We take the responsibility of deploying your software whenever and wherever you require. The source code is your property, as is the deployed product and all the documentation. We also discuss opportunities of further collaboration and post-release services: maintenance and software updates.

Iterative Process

The main advantage of iterative development is the ability to build an ever-relevant product, adapt to changes, launch the MVP of high quality as soon as possible. This is a crucial quality for startups. The requirements are constantly checked as for relevance, and the documentation is updated in case of need. We help you distribute the resources wisely and preserve the market relevance of your software product.