AB Softech brings innovation to a number of business domains, including, but not limited to:

Integrated B2B Products

We build tools for enterprises and B2B product companies, aiming to take the smallest details into consideration to meet all the requirements. Check our detailed example ---

HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe)

Here's a good example: a cloud-based venue management system with mobile apps, a desktop app for management, and a point-of sale solution.

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Healthcare is where time, information and immediate responses are vital in every sense of this word. We have experience in creating software for health insurance management, internal use in hospitals, and pharmacy management. Check our case study of healthcare application development for a detailed example.

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Online shops – solutions that sell. Fast-responding and user-friendly. Become an example of convenience for your customers. The whole range of what you offer is accessed and purchased with a slide of a finger over the touchscreen. Check our case study of a mobile marketplace solution for an example

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Fast and convenient way to be in touch. Meet the secure and innovative software solutions in the information exchange via e-mails and instant messaging. One of our compelling examples is a secure messenger that utilizes the OTR protocol for encryption.

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Marketing & Advertising

Draw the customers' attention and direct their choice. Present your services in the most precise and stylish way to arouse the interest. Then lead the path for your brand to be recognizable and desired. Check this example of a branded application.

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Media & Publishing

Become the source of information. Share the news instantly and promote your content. Thus provide your clients with everything they need. Check this case study of a book reader for a specific market.

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Social Networks

Bring the concept of your own social network to life with our assistance. Our expertise is at your service. Here is an illusrative case study of a photo-sharing social network.

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School Management

We understand the quality of teaching and achievement of your students will always be your top priority. With SIM, you can be sure that every student's progress is tracked; helping you understand every child's needs and raise attainment across your school/college/institute.

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Real Estate

Our determination to trailblaze the Cloud based Software movement for Real Estate Builders in India drives us every day to design and develop New Technology. With implementation in over 80+ projects we are being the best service provider in this sector in India.

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